Panoramic Map of Nauvoo, Illinois

Large color graphic (~24”x36”) depicts Nauvoo, Illinois at the time of the Latter-day Saint exodus to the west.


Five years of research has gone into making this the most accurate depiction of Nauvoo in the 1840’s


This unique panoramic view of Old Nauvoo has received praise from experts such as Glen Leonard (Author and Director of the Museum of Church History and Art), Paul Thomas Smith (LDS author, scholar and educator), Joseph Johnstun (previous head of Nauvoo Tourism), and from many of the staff at Nauvoo Restoration Inc (NRI).  Two detailed sections of the black and white version of the map are featured in Glen Leonard’s monumental history of Nauvoo, a Place of Peace, a People of Promise.  In the words of Paul Thomas Smith: “Your map is an outstanding piece of work.  It will be welcomed with open arms by teachers of Church History and nearly everyone who loves Nauvoo.”


Special features of the Birdseye View include:

o       Colorized using digital photo techniques

o       Accurate placement of all known 1846 structures

o       Street names identified on panoramic view

o       70 structures from 1846 indexed and identified by name

o       Shaded topographic map overlaid with pioneer era streets

o       Perspective view shows all important 1846 structures

o       Printed on 10 pt cardstock poster paper with aqueous coating




  Nauvoo Panoramic Map Detailed View #1

  Nauvoo Panoramic Map Detailed View #2

Nauvoo Panoramic Map Detailed View #3


Panoramic map is available by mail order and at selected gift shops and bookstores.

The following prices include sales tax and US postage and handling:


Single copy $18.00

Two copies $25.00

Additional copies $9.00 each

Large orders (30 or more copies) $6.00 each


To order, send check or money order to:


Wingview Graphics

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St. Louis, MO 63123


For questions or comments,

Call 314-260-1234 or 314-676-6033






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Last Update: 12 July 2014